Sheriff David Shaffer

Current Events

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On 1/17/16 at 11:20 pm the dispatch center received a call from a female in Danville stating that the police officers in Danville were in danger. She said that her ex-boyfriend Herschel Ray Jones had left with weapons and was looking to kill an officer. Dispatch personnel attempted to make contact with the Danville officer, but were unsuccessful. Deputies from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office searched the village.


            At approximately 11:47 pm deputies discovered Danville Police Officer Thomas Cottrell on the ground behind the Danville Municipal Building. Officer Cottrell was deceased. His service weapon had been taken and the cruiser was missing.


            At approximately 1:36 am the suspect was observed running from a residence on East Washington St. After a short foot chase the suspect, identified as Herschel Jones III was taken into custody by officers in the area of the Danville Park. A female that was discovered outside of the residence was interviewed by officers and later released.


            Officers from the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and B.C.I. are investigating the incident.





A.L.I.C.E. Training

The Knox County Sheriff’s Office would like to thank The Community Foundation of Mount Vernon and Knox County for their assistance in sending three deputies to become certified ALICE instructors. ALICE stands for Alert, Lockdown, Inform, Counter, and Evacuate. The training is a new form of response to active threats in schools, businesses, churches, and other locations where people may gather. The principals of ALICE are to give more options other than waiting for help to arrive. The class consisted of two eight hour days that covered the aspects of ALICE, teaching techniques, and hands on scenarios.

The goal of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office is to implement the training to all of the schools in Knox County and then branch out to anyone else who is interested in the training. The training would not only cover classroom instruction, but developing new policies and procedures and working with multiple agencies, groups, and citizens in the county. There would be no cost to the entity to host the training; it would be a provided service of the Knox County Sheriff’s Office. If you are interested in this type of training or would like more information, feel free to contact the Knox County Sheriff’s Office and ask to speak with one of the ALICE instructors.  



To:    All Ohio Sheriffs
From: Knox County Sheriff's Office

The Knox County jail has bed space available for adult males and adult females at the rate of fifty dollars  per day plus medical reimbursement.

To house prisoners at the Knox County jail or if you have housing questions, contact Sheriff David Shaffer at 740-393-6800 or Lieutenant Penny Lamp at 740-392-5245.